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Repair Service 

of your 

Non Working

318010102  Frigidaire Oven / Range Control Board


This service will correct all major failures with the oven control board. Some common issues include:


    F-Code errors on the display

    Display not working properly or not at all

    Broiler not turning on

    Bake function not turning on

    Self Cleaning process not working


We don't repair burned boards or with missing parts. 

The board we receive must be physically intact and must have not been tampered with or serviced before (You are paying Return shipping + bench fee)

What is NOT INCLUDED in the price you pay?
       The display/screen (Replacements can at times be hard to find or not available)       

When packing your item, keep these things in mind:

please pack it well in box (Choose a box that's slightly larger than the item) with extra bubbles / protection

After purchase ship your module to this address:

Otex Inc.

5702 Industrial Rd.

Fort Wayne IN 46825



Repair Service for 318010102Frigidaire Oven / Range Control Board
Product ID: 318010102
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  • Model: 318010102 RepairService
  • Manufactured by: FRIGIDAIRE


Thomas Hornberger
5 of 5 Stars
This company deserves 5 STARS in my review above. I accidently clicked on the wrong row of stars on my review above. I also forgot to mention that called me to make sure that the repair they made on my oven control board was exactly what I wanted. Great customer service!
Thomas Hornberger
4 of 5 Stars
My wife and I are so happy that was able to repair our oven control board. The first place I sent the board to was called "Circuit Board Medics". They could not fix the board because they could not get the LCD display that it needed. I called other repair company's and they could not get the LCD display board either. I almost gave up, than I found They repaired the board in one day and had it back to us in no time at all. My wife is very happy that she can use her oven again!